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Global Staffing Solutions was promulgated to meet the need in a growing market. The idea of seeking better employment is not new fad but  a must-do action in these tough economic times. Seeking employment abroad is one of the niche markets that one as an individual must consider. After moments of deep though one needs to spring into action.

Global Staffing Solutions, as a newly birthed staffing solutions provider can trace its roots back to the prolific year of 2010.Many South Africans have opened their doors to the world and in return the World has opened her doors to us - South Africans

We have staged one of the most memorable World Cup events in the history of Fifa and because of that success we as Global Staffing Solutions can offer up , Sales and Retail Staff with the highest competencies as they have had the much needed exposure to a worldwide audience. We too can provide the world with skilled Archietchets, Engineers, Project Managers and IT personnel. Servicing a broad spectrum of Career types one clearly sees the need to find employ in a foreign currency.

We have envisaged and engaged a long term partnership with the shopping capital of the world in Dubai by providing short term contractual work for career seeker. This opportunity allows the individual to experience the history of the Gulf countries from its aged appeal to its modern city life.


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