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Our Aim at Global Staffing Solutions is to provide a systematic recruitment process attracting,screening and selecting qualified individuals for employment.

We offer assistance with regards to medical examinations, credit checks and visa's.
Applicants to be informed if application was successful or unsuccessful and will be considered for new opportunities. Our Recruiters will provide feedback to hiring managers and candidates regarding interviews and outcomes thereof.

As a whole we aim to ensure that the right candidate is paired with the right employer. Global Staffing Solutions recognizes that effective recruitment and selection is fundamental to the success of the Company. Hence Global Staffing Solutions is committed to ensuring the recruitment and selection of staff is conducted in a systematic, fair manner and promotes equality of opportunity.

Our objectives in this regard are clear and achievable:

  1. To ensure that we recruit the best candidate for each position.
  2. To ensure that all recruitment decisions are based solely on the ability, skills and experience of the candidate.
  3. To ensure that suitable Recruitment Processes are in place.
  4. To ensure compliance with the relevant employment legislation.
  5. To promote Core Competencies meeting the employment criterion.


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